The story behind the
Burning Fan Soundscapes
soundtrack album

"Anyone may be a part of [BM]. We welcome and respect the stranger. No prerequisites exist for participation in our community... [BM] is radically inclusive, and its meaning is potentially accessible to anyone."
- Guiding Principles of [BM]

"Burning Fan Soundscapes was meant as a gift to an ongoing event that has always seemed cinematic in scope. Now, after the legal-beagle stuff they pulled, I stand by the music only."
- John Scott G

P.S. My parents and I were on Baker Beach in 1986 when Larry Harvey and Jerry James led the first burn. A group of 20 people quickly grew as the flames licked the sky. Whether the ceremony is at Baker Beach or on the Playa, I have been there in spirit many times. But no longer. The corporate-run event is now a vile hoax.