Bio of John Scott G

Albums by THE G-MAN
Grin Groove 2002
Electro Bop 2003
Platinum Age of the Remix 2004
Sonic Tonic 2005
Motion Potion 2006
Burning Fan Soundscapes 2007
Audio Takes A Stand 2008

Crazed + Dazed 2007

Album by JAMES SOTELO produced by John Scott G
Blast of Fast 2009

Album by JONNY HARMONIC written by John Scott G
We All Love Bright Shiny Things 2009

John Scott G is a word nerd. The author of "Secret Sex" and the current serialized novel, "Area Code 666," he has written a number of groove/EDM tracks as well as co-writing songs with Merle Haggard, Doug Colosio, Scott Joss, James Sotelo, and DJ Insane.

You have heard John Scott G's music whether you know it or not. The G-Man's albums are played on college radio, in clubs, and in commercials. He runs the music production, licensing and publishing company, Golosio (cleverly hidden online at